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Brains are so awesome. I wish everyone had one.
All I have to say is...

I absolutely hate my teachers. Not all of them, but most. Today they just drove me nuts. Like today in LA we had to do a book conference on our chosen book, and My teacher decided that she would knock me off 5 points on my conference today because  she loves picking on me.

This is what she said. "Give me a ten sentence summary of your book" so I did my best and I thought I did pretty good. And I counted 10, but she said there was only 8, so she "had" to take of points. Turns out my 20 minute grilling of questions that don't matter, I got 84%.

Then she complains my grades are dropping.

*Major Facepalm.*

And it only gets worse from there, so I'll stop complaining. I'll try to post some stuff this weekend, but its been pretty busy. Yesterday was my brothers birthday, today is valentines day, tomorrow I'm going my grandma who ONLY speaks Spanish BY MY SELF, and buy my mom a gift, who's birthday is Monday, and my bros party is Saturday. And just a bunch of Random/ stressful stuff that I don't wanna have to deal with, but I'm forced to -.-

So.. Yup. That's it... Probably.
Okay, so just to let everyone know, the contest has been closed and I sent the winner a message, and I will message you the pic in a couple minutes :3

On other news, many people's freaked out about my hair.. And I don't really know why...

Okay- I just want to declare also that I am SO MAD at Jordan. All I want to do right now is punch him. In the face. With a chair. No offense. Ugh. I hate people.
So, you know how I said I wouldn't care?

I did just that. I did absolutely nothing I probably should have done, but who cares? And since I was three, I've always had long hair, but today, I didn't care. So I cut it off. Now it short enough to spike. I do have to admit its really different and I'm not used to it, but oh well.

So nothing really to update, except, I gots me a hair cut O.o
I don't know what to do. I give up.

From now on, I don't care. I don't care about school, I don't care about life. I just need to stop complaining and deal with life.

So instead of telling about terrible my day was, I'm gonna give you people's tips instead.

1. Don't trust people. And by people, I mean anyone. ( I hate people by the way)

2. Don't mess with Lorraine.

3. Don't try to be funny when things get awkward.. (Cough MATH cough)

4. Don't trust people to do things you don't want to do. (Cough RECYCLING Cough)

5. Think positive. (It hasn't been working out for me though..)

Oh okay and one last question. If I say I complain too much, would that be considered complaining?

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thanks for the watch!
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Thanks for Watching :)
t-t-t-t-thanks for the fave! ^-^
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thanks for the watch :la:
your fudge mustache is amazing :happycry:
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